"Monica" Large 18K Gold Plated Hoop with Bamboo Inspired Knots

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In-house plating - Our jewelers use in-house plating, rather than outsourcing to places with dubious working conditions.

Fair pricing - By cutting out any middle men, we guarantee fair pricing on all our pieces.

Environmental friendly - Waste water, air, odor and noise reduction.

The Monica is not your average gold hoop earring. This stunning set features a subtle design detail of bamboo inspired knots for an elevated look that will help you stand out from the crowd. 

When you put on your jewelry, it should not just change the way you look, but also the way you feel. As soon as you put on the Monica gold hoop earrings, you will notice a new spark of confidence. Wearing Koko Capri jewelry is more than just a daily ritual, it is a full experience. 

The pieces in each Koko Capri collection have been inspired by the human experience and what we share in common. We are all driven by a need to express ourselves and showcase our individuality. The Monica gold hoop earrings capture the sort of free spirit and desire to push boundaries that guides our brand. They offer the perfect combination of a vintage feel with a modern twist.

Perhaps best of all, these high-quality gold hoop earrings are the perfect addition to any outfit. Whether you are enjoying a casual lunch out with friends or you want to look your best for a special occasion, Monica earrings can be dressed up or down for just the right look.

Enjoy the best in classic design and quality craftsmanship for an affordable price.  

  • This earring is sold as a pair
  • Gold hoop diameter: approximately 4.5cm/1.8 inches
  • Weight: 11 grams
  • Construction: 18K gold plated and silver needle

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