The Journey of Koko Capri

Koko Capri is our love letter to women everywhere. It’s a joyous tribute to their dreams and desires. It’s for mothers and daughters who defy the odds and break the taboos. It’s an homage to their universal struggles and solitary pain, their untold stories and shared memories. It’s for women who can’t be defined by ordinary labels.

Born in Capri, Italy and raised in California and New York by a spirited team with a unifying mission, Koko Capri is intended to bring out the best in the wearer. Our elegantly artistic sets of earrings, stunningly stylish necklaces, accessories, and every other piece of handcrafted ornament is designed to imbue the world with a bit more style and lot more love. Koko Capri. Jewelry designed by us, inspired by you.

Founded by two best friends, Koko Capri was inspired by their grandmothers and their life-long shared passion for fashion, art, cultures, and travel. Although having lived in different continents, the two friends realized how much they had in common, how achingly similar their plights were. That realization led them on a search to capture the essence of feminine ideals in different cultures and communities and to support women to freely express themselves and live fully beyond limits. That voyage would finally result in Koko Capri, a celebration of what it means to be a woman.

Making living itself an art, be the artist of your own canvas. Absorbing a variety of cultural inspirations into our artistic expression, Koko Capri is bringing back the authentic tastes and memories of beautiful places, cultures, and people into our jewelry curation. We are obsessed with unique beauties and strong spirits like each one of you.

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