"Camilla" Pearl Pendant Necklace, Gold Plated

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In-house plating - Our jewelers use in-house plating, rather than outsourcing to places with dubious working conditions.

Fair pricing - By cutting out any middle men, we guarantee fair pricing on all our pieces.

Environmental friendly - Waste water, air, odor and noise reduction.

The Camilla Pearl Necklace is a beautiful pearl pendant necklace that would serve as the perfect finishing touch on any look. The necklace features a 18K gold plated chain and encompasses a white pearl. The encased pearl of the necklace means that it will catch and reflect light at different angles. The pairing of the gold chain with the white pearl provides a contrast that is sure to catch everyone’s attention. 

There is no wrong way to wear the Camilla and showcase the beautiful pearl pendant that is framed with gold plating. Whether you pair it with a turtleneck, your favorite sweater or a V-neck t-shirt, the Camilla will be the center of attention. It is the perfect accessory to highlight your beautiful neckline and its vintage style will add elegance to any glamorous and modern look.

The Camila Pearl Necklace embodies the essence of Koko Capri and our mission to create jewelry that enhances the natural beauty of the wearer and empowers them to express themselves. We embrace and celebrate the fact that people are complex and dynamic and we think that jewelry can be used to highlight and showcase personality traits. 

  • Length: about 42cm/17 inches
  • Pendant diameter: about 1.5cm/0.6 inch
  • Weight: 5 grams
  • Construction: 18K Gold Plated, Pearl

Put the perfect finishing touch on any look with this vintage and classic "Camilla" Pearl Necklace

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