3PCs "Cara" Jelly Acrylic Hair Clips and Barrettes, Marble Patterns, White, Grey and Green

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In-house plating - Our jewelers use in-house plating, rather than outsourcing to places with dubious working conditions.

Fair pricing - By cutting out any middle men, we guarantee fair pricing on all our pieces.

Environmental friendly - Waste water, air, odor and noise reduction.

Why not mix and match your hair clips? The Cara is sold as a set of three so that you can do just that. Combine different shapes, sizes and finishes in any way you like for a personalized look.

The Cara set of clips comes in three different colors: white, grey and green. Choose the color that best matches your wardrobe or purchase several sets so that you can really get creative with combining different options. With affordable pricing, you can easily invest in more than one style.

If you love fashion because it inspires you and provides you with an avenue for self-expression, then Koko Capri is the brand for you. Our different lines of jewelry reflect our love for the complexities that make each of us human. We celebrate both the characteristics that unite us and those that make us unique. 

The Cara Jelly Hair Clip can help you feel your best while also allowing you to express yourself. Dress up any outfit and take on the world!

  • This hair clips are sold as a combo of three
  • Length: Square clip about 8cm/3.1 inches; Solid and long clips about 6cm/2.4 inches
  • Weight: 31 grams
  • Construction: Gold Plated, Acrylic

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